Team Profiles

Sunday, April 17, 2011

TBA's 11th Anniversary

Today TBA celebrated 11 years of being opened
We had a climbing competition at which the team kids were the only ones to participate
The results were:

1 - Andres Muro
2 - Max Glascock
3 - Anna Fox
4- Jonah Lasley
5 - Riggs Glascock
6 - Evan Fox and Oli Holden
7 - John Fox

It was a great time!
After the competition we went downtown to play putt putt
It was $4
The results from that were:

1 - Jimmy Webb 42
2 - Chris Little 44
3 - Kasia Pietras 48
4 - Caroline Johnson 51
5 - Riggs Glascock & Andres Muro 53
6 - Anna Fox & Savage Glascock 54
7 - AJ Hanson 56
8 - Lydia Fogo 61
9 - Max Glascock 63

Evan and Oli just played 2 games because they didn't care about the score
They were done with two games by the time we were all done with one!

It was a great time!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Horse Pens Trip

We went to Horse Pens this past weekend
It was hotter than expected but we still had a great time
By the end of the day though, the sun had drained all and any energy that we had!

Team Kids that came along:
AJ, Chris, Lydia, Caroline, Hunter, Riggs, Max, Anna and Evan

Others that joined:
Jacob and John

Here are some pictures from the trip

Caroline on the Lowdown topout

Lydia on the Lowdown topout

Evan on a warm up

AJ on Cuts like a knife

Pretty boulders