Team Profiles

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 4 of the trip (6/16/11)

Today we first went swimming at the reservoir!

We blew up all the floaties that we had bought and swam and floated on them

This was considered the other half of our rest day

From there we headed back to miguel’s and got ready to go climbing

We headed to Drive By again

Breakfast Burrioto – 10c

- Lydia, Andres and Chris all got on this one

Make a wish – 10a

- Lydia, Caroline, Andres and Chris got on this one

Check your grip – 12a

- Andres and Chris tried this one

Whip Stocking – 11a

- Andres flashed it

- Everyone else got on this one except for Caroline

Maizy May – 13a

- AJ and I both sent it

Easy Rider – 13a

- Jimmy got on it twice and I got on it once; hopefully we will sent it on Monday before we leave

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 3 at the Red (6/15/11)

Today we headed to Drive-By

It was looking to be a rainy day

We got to the cliff and we did the following:

Breakfast Burrito - 10d

  • Andres and I got on this one; Andres had to clean it because it was getting wet

Make a wish – 10a

  • AJ, Caroline, Andres, Chris and I got on this one

Fire and brimstone – 10d

  • AJ, Andres, Caroline and Anna.
  • Lydia got on it twice, first time she took 3 times and the second time she sent it!

Check your grip - 12a

  • Aj flashed it

After that we went to the “Wild things of Kentucky”

Black Widow

It was pretty interesting. It had most of the snakes found in Kentucky along with the venomous ones. This is where we found out what type of spider we had seen the day before.

Rattle Snakes

When we got back to Miguel’s we play a game of basketball; 3 on 3 up to 21 points; we got our exercise in for sure!

Black Bear

Anna’s mom showed up around 6ish and hung out for the rest of the night.

Later that night AJ and I drove to Louisville to pick up Jimmy from the airport! We got back around 1am.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second day at the red (6/14/11)

Today we headed to Military

Sunshine - 5.9

  • Most of us warmed up on this on
  • Lydia lead it as well which was awesome

Moonbeam - 5.9

  • Most of us warmed up on this one
  • Anna lead this one, her very first lead climb!

Fuzzy Undercling - 11b

  • Everyone got on this one
  • Lydia got pulled up to the 3 draw and took her first lead fall! It was awesome!
  • Tissue Tiger – 12b
  • Aj and I got on this one; AJ sent it second go
  • Gung Ho – 12b
  • Aj, Chris and I got on this one

Reliquary - 12b

  • I got on this one

Mule – 12c

  • AJ and I sent it! Yay! Aj’s first 12c
  • Chris and Andres top roped it

The Legend – 13a

  • I attempted this, the bottom part is so crimpy and not as fun as the rest of the route

Other events from the day:

There was a spider on the tree; we found out later that it was a wolf spider… and we swear that the spider grew every time we pasted it.

After cleaning a route I did a big swing right into a tree and hugged it like a cat.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day at the red!

We all met up at TBA; AJ, Andres, Chris, Lydia, Caroline and Anna. Caroline’s parents let us borrow their Yukon, which made it a lot better. But the car does not have a lot of trunk space, so it took us almost an hour to pack the car so that everyone had a place to sit. It was packed

We started our drive to the red. We stopped at Subway for lunch and continued on our way. We arrive at Miguel’s at 4pm and set up camp. From there we went climbing at the Chocolate Factory.

It is Anna and Caroline’s first trip to the red. It’s Caroline’s first time climbing on a rope outside. AJ and Chris will be leading everything on this trip. Lydia will practice leading on easier climbs. Andres is top roping things and then trying to lead more as well.

We taught Anna how to top rope belay today. Lydia is practicing her lead belaying skills. All the boys know how to belay top rope and lead belay. Caroline knows how to top rope belay from when we went to stone summit.

Oompa – 10a

· All of us climbed this one.

Loompa – 10c

· Andres lead this on, but took a couple times.

· All of us climbed this one as well

The Glass Elevator – 10d

· Andres top roped this one and then lead it and sent it! It was awesome!

· Chris, AJ and I got on this one as well.

One side makes your taller – 11a

· Chris, Anna and Andres got on this one.

Unknown Route – 11d

· AJ tried it

Malice – 12c

· I got on this one with an attempt to send. Lydia belayed me. I sent it! I was really psyched.

Memorable moments


· While she was climbing she had gotten really pumped and yelled “I’m pumped and retarded”

· She was trying the first part of the route and fell and yelled “Screw!”


· While lowering me her hair got stuff in the GRIGRI, luckily I was close enough to the ground to stand up, which allowed Lydia to take me off belay. Andres took her hair out of the GRIGRI. Then Lydia fixed her hair so it was in a bun.

Since we started climbing at 5pm, we stayed out until dark and hiked out in the dark. Oreo has a red light on his bag so he was our leader and only light to get out of the woods. Luckily it wasn’t too dark and not too hard to see.

Once we got back to Miguel’s we made Ravioli for dinner. We ended up playing cards the rest of the night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pictures from the Red (May 2011)

Here are a few pictures from Red trip from my camera
Once i get Lydia's camera we will have some more!
And a short video of AJ taking a whipper!!
Stay tuned!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Red Memorial Day Weekend (Day 3)

Today when we woke up we had to pack up our stuff. I woke up really early for some reason. So I got all my stuff ready and organized the back of the truck so that we could fit everything. Eventually all the kids got up and we ate breakfast and headed out to the cliff. We went to the Chocolate Factory. I was really psyched because it was my first time going there. Meaning… new routes new area!

Oompa – 10a

- AJ and Andres warmed up on this one first and later on Lydia and I both did it, it is really fun, but I think that it’s harder than Loompa

Loompa – 10c

- Lydia and I warmed up on this route, and Aj ended up doing it as well

The Glass Elevator – 10d

- Only AJ and I got on this one

Wobbler – 11d

- I climbed this one first, it was really hard for an 11d, AJ got on it after me

One side makes your taller – 11a

- All of us got on this one; Andres did it with one hang and wants to try it on lead next time

Malice – 12c

- I got on this one, I was trying to flash it but ended up falling going to this jug pocket, that if I would of stuck I feel as if I would of sent it, oh well, next time it should go!

After Malice we headed on out to head home. We stopped at the gas station to get some Ale-8s for the gym and some gas. We stopped at subway for dinner and then went to Jimmy’s parents house to drop off Oreo. And from there we headed home! Got back right at 10pm.