Team Profiles

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Red Memorial Day Weekend (Day 2)

Today we headed up to the motherlode

It was Lydia’s and Andres’ first time there

We ended up climbing all day in the sun, but it’s all good because we sweated out all the pizza grease we ate the night before

Trad Sucker – 11b

- We all got on it for a warm up

Injured Reserved – 11a

- Aj and Andres both feel at the crux, but are psyched to get back on it next time

- Lydia’s height made it really hard for her but we will work on lock offs and she’ll do it next time

Trust in Jesus – 11b

- Aj repeated it, he had tried it last time he was there

- Andres flashed it on top rope but he will try it on lead next time

- Lydia climbed up it as well

Tuna Town – 12d

- Aj got on it for the second time ever… this time he made it to the top! Hopefully a send next time he comes back!

Chainsaw – 12a

- I got on it so that Lydia could practice lead belaying while someone falls… the falls were planned but she caught me every time!

After the climbing we headed to the reservoir to swim and “shower”. We decided to swim across. Probably about ½ mile there and back… it was fun.. Oreo did it as well, he had a life jacket which made it easier for him… (now he is pasted OUT!)

Andres’ quote of the trip: “If you get it, then you get it… then you get it!” he was trying to motivate Lydia to go up the climb… he says it made sense at the time… we will never know what he REALLY meant! haha

Later on, we played “HORSE” in the dark… it was a funny game due to the lack of light and us missing A LOT of shots… Aj tried to do a lay up, missed it, got the rebound but it went through his hands bounced off the ground and hit him in the face! Later on, Andres was passing me the ball but I didn’t realize it and it hit me in the nose! Good times good times!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Red in May (Day 1)

AJ, Andres, Lydia and I are at the red for three days

So far it has been an awesome trip

We went to Drive-By today

Breakfast Burrito - 10d

- all of us got on this one

Make A wish - 10c

- all of us got on this one as well

Hakuna Matata - 12a

- AJ flashed it and I climbed it as well

Spirit Fingers - 11c

- Lydia tried the bottom half of this one

- AJ tried it two times; sent it his second try

- I put it up and the cleaned it on top rope

Yadda Yadda Yadda - 11b

- all of us got on this one

Whip Stocking - 11a

- Aj got really pumped at the top but completed the climb

- Lydia climbed the bottom portion (first 4 or 5 clips) and learned how to lead belay

- I climbed it as well

Easy Rider - 13a

- Rachel convinced me to get on this one, she even stick clipped the first bolt for me – it was an awesome climb, psyched to get back to it with some more endurance and try to send it!

Best part of the day was to see Rachel, who I have not seen in a long time. She improved my kids belaying skills and taught Lydia to lead belay. It was really awesome having her around all day, climbing and chatting and catching up on life.

We will see what tomorrow brings!!

Also, we ended up taking the back roads out from Drive-By! That was really exciting and sometime that we don't do too often anymore!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Climbing at the gym

Went into the gym today!
had my camera on me, and film this little clip

Stone Summit

We went to stone summit last weekend
it was a good time
we got on new boulders and rope climbed some as well
kids are getting a lot better about the height scare factor
which is awesome considering we are planning a team trip to the red over the summer
the kids were lacking in energy half way through the day
need to get them psyched and ready to go!

when we got back we did a heinous workout
from which, i was sore for about 3 days!
the workout was as follows:
30 squats
climb #1
20 push ups
climb #2
10 pull ups
climb #3
20 burpies
climb #4
20 dips
climb #5
campus red problem on wave
climb #1 - #5
100 of the follow in whatever order and sets you want to do
squats - push ups - pull ups - burpies - dips

my legs were in so much pair and sore for three days

we are planning a trip to the red over memorial day weekend