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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Climbing Team Memo

USA Climbing has added Divisionals to the competition season. The breakdown is as follows:

· 2 local comps (you can compete out of region therefore we are doing the following)

o Stone Summit on September 24th

§ $30 if registered before September 22nd

§ Registration 7am to 9am; climbing 9am to 1pm

o TBA on November 19th

· 1 Regional comp

o Planet Rock on December 10th in Ann Arbor, MI

o Top 6 make it to Divisionals from each category

· 1 Divisional comp

o Triangle Rock Club on January 14th and 15th in Morrisville, NC

o Top 6 make it to Nationals from each category

· 1 National comp

o Location unknown (Maybe Atlanta or Boulder); most likely sometime in February

All the team members need to register with USA Climbing before September 24th. I would recommend by September 10th just to be safe. The prices for the other competitions are unknown, but once they get closer we will know. I think they all have a great chance and it will be a great experience.