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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday workout (9/9)

Warm up for twenty minutes

Aj, Chris, Luke and Andres - climb all the yellows, green and red (in that order)
You have one hour to do this!!!
Take a five to ten minute break
Then get on the wall and start traversing all around the gym.
From left traverse to the wave and back
Keep going until you fall - when you fall get right back on
You can fall a total of 4 times

Everyone else - pull ups
Do pulls to your max - till absolute failure
Then rest two to four minutes then do pulls till failure again
Repeat a total of 8 times!
Pick five yellows that you have not done yet
Work each one until you've done every move on it
Then try it one time from the bottom, if you fall and you can reach where you fell from get back on
Then move on to the next problem

Ab workout
Do the twelves workout
Do 12 of each exercise and hold the hallow position between exercises

With a 10lbs round weight
toe touches
side to sides

With hands under butt
left to right feet
up and downs
tuck ups
crunches left side
crunches right side

Finish with supermans (with weight if need be)
hold arms infront of you 20 seconds
hold arms out to the side 20 seconds
hold arms behind you 20 seconds
hold your hands in prayer 20 seconds
repeat twice

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